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Remote Home Signing

Atlantica Law Group is pleased to Introduce first to the public and consumer it’s new Home Remote Signing program. A program in which clients can sign their closing documents right in their home while having the comfort of talking to a lawyer at any time during the transaction. The firm offers this program to remote areas across the Province for the sole benefit of the clients. While not all offices offer this program the majority do.

Each ALG office is independently owned and operated by lawyers. While the work is carried out by experienced and closely supervised paralegals, clients are fully advised verbally in their first discussions with a lawyer, as well as in their retainer agreement signed by the clients up front with full disclosure. By electing the Home Remote Signing program clients receive not only first class legal services, but also the ease and comfort of knowing the transaction is as simple as an email or call to the lawyers of ALG.

The Home Remote Signing program is simple. The system allows clients to have their closing documents signed any where they choose such as the office, home, or elsewhere. Once the clients accept the firm as its law office to act on behalf of their interests, the clients will be called and the above program explained by one of the lawyers in our office, which is normally closest to the client. In addition, ALG has a 100 Percent Satisfaction

Guarantee for all clients using the Home Remote Signing program. If at any time the client is unhappy with our services, we will transfer the file, plus waive our legal fees, to any other lawyer. If at any time, on or before the closing, the client is unhappy, we will not charge our legal fee on the transaction. ALG is so confident the clients will be 100 percent happy, it has a no questions ask policy in our Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information please feel free to contact us at 1-877-343-9894.